Other Services

We have a set-up with a ball mill for taking a fully representative and controlled sample from a large batch.

Appropriate batch size for sampling is 100-2 000 kg. The equipment can handle catalyst core or other minerals. The result is a powder with < 1 mm size.

We have XRF-equipment calibrated to analyse platinum, palladium och rhodium. By certified reference materials we ensure a correct assay. We also have equipment to analyse carbon and slag components.

Arc Metal have an induction furnace for melting of metals. The furnace has a capacity to melt 500 kg. Attached to the furnace is a unit for water atomisation. The molten metal is poured in to a high pressure water spray, the metal solidifies rapidly and the result is a fine metallic powder. The induction furnace can be used without the water atomisation unit for melting different metals and ingot casting.

Arc Metal share our great knowledge of auto catalyst recycling, platinum group metal recycling and metallurgy to industrial and academic partners in need of assistance or competence development.

Arc Metal is a supplier of platinum group metal recycling technology to selected partners.

In cooperation with ScanArc Plasma Technologies we handle fly ash containing platinum group metals. In a two step process, we extract platinum group metals from materials contaminated by lead and zink.