Arc Metal improves the competence in sampling

The problem when it comes to sampling is that the very small sample should fully represent the whole batch. The final sample of a few grams should have exactly the same composition as the full batch of several hundred kilos or many tons.

Arc Metal has made some larger investments in sampling equipment the last year. The largest investment is the ball mill including a continuous sampler of vezin type. In additions to that we have a rotary divider to further downsize the sample automatically before final milling.

Investments in equipment are only one part in the increased capability. Equally important are investments in competence. To improve the company competence when it comes to sampling, two employees were sent to a one week education in sampling theory. The education was “Sampling theory, sampling practices and their economic impact” organized by Colorado School of Mines in Denver, USA. The two employees that were sent for this one week intensive course were Rikard, ball mill / sampling operator, and Johan, process engineer. The course were given by Dr. Francis Pitard who is a giant in this topic. He is the author of the book “Theory of sampling practice” that is at least according to the publisher “… the most advanced book on sampling that can be used by all sampling practitioners around the world”.

The course gave both advanced theoretical models and practical tips. By attending this course the company has improved its knowledge and understanding when it comes to sampling. This will be beneficial both for Arc Metal and customers.

How to calculate and use the variance of the fundamental sampling error


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