Arc Metal has bought Lissgården

Since the beginning has Arc Metal’s main office been located at “Old Lissgården”. This is where management and administration have been active. The building has during all times been owned by the steel company now named Ovako and have been rented together with ScanArc Plasma Technologies.

The Old Lissgården were build in 1903 as a private home to the manager of the iron works. It was and still is a stately wooden building of about 1000 m2. It is located just north of the industrial area, aside of the stream that comes from Lissjön that gave the building its name.

The first of April, Arc Metal became the legal owners which ensures continued presence in the building. Already before the tenants have been responsible for the maintenance but in connection to the overtake a renovation plan have been initiated.

At the same time ScanArc is leaving Old Lissgården. They have bought New Lissgården, neighbouring the old one. Thanks to this solution both companies have room for continued expansion.


Lissgården in the early 1900’s just after being built. Foto: Tekniska Museet (Thorvald Gehrman)


When Lissgården was built a large part of today’s industrial area was a lake. The plant manager was sometimes rowed to the steel mill. Foto: Tekniska Museet (Thorvald Gehrman)