About ArcMetal


Arc Metal AB was founded in 1993. The company started as a cooperation between Katalysatoråtervinning i Sverige AB and ScanArc Plasma Technologies. Since then, Arc Metal has recycled platinum, palladium and rhodium from different secondary resources. Through continuous process development the company has become a world leader when in platinum group metal extraction from low grade materials. A pyro-metallurgical process is used to separate the metals from the slag phase, the result is a clean slag and an enriched bullion containing all platinum group metals. The enriched bullion is sent for further enrichment to pure metals.

Local producer – global player

The company has been situated in Hofors since the start. Hofors is in the part of Sweden where mines and metallurgy have been a major part of the society for a very long time. In Hofors, iron- and steelmaking been a major source of income since the 15th century and there is still an attractive network of knowledge and competence in the region. The connection to history is obvious for Arc Metal as the head office is located in the old patron building of the neighbouring steel mill, built in 1903.

While Arc Metal use local resources we are also a global player with customers all around the world. Some of our customers are the biggest and best renovated in the world. The long unbroken history proves that we are a reliable player on the market.

We are actively involved in international conferences and meetings to keep us updated on latest news in the business and on the precious metals market. Arc Metal is patron member of IPMI – International Precious Metal Institute.


Production resources

Arc Metals works are located on the steel company Ovakos industrial area. We have a well equipped process line to handle different type of incoming materials:

  • Hydraulic cutter for decanning of auto catalysts
  • Crusher
  • Ball mill with sampling station
  • Sample preparation and equipment for analysis
  • 3 DC-furnaces with 1,5-2,5 tonne capacity
  • Induction furnace with water atomisation equipment

The company has about 30 employees.